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Pigeon Control

We have been doing bird and bat repair for years. We are very efficient, thorough, and place a guarantee on our work. We have various methods for bird and bat control depending on your circumstance.

Free Advice

If you have a situation that you are concerned about, feel free to speak to one of our technicians. We will give you free advice that can save you your health, structure, time and money.

Professional & Complete Service

Our crew are very efficient and professional. They will not only prevent the bird or bat from nesting on your structure; they will remove the harmful droppings from your gutters, valleys, and sidewalks. .

We Work All Over the U.S.

Need the job done correctly the first time? We offer bird and bat control all over the U.S. We will send one of our technicians to start your job today!.

Paul Baumeister, Ph.D.

Dr. Baumeister has worked in the Pest Control field for more than 10 years. He specializes not only in insect control, but in bird, bat, and bee control. He has completed his PhD in Organizational Leadership at Regent University and teaches at Patten University.
Bird droppings on floor
Did you know that Pigeon dropping carry over 60 diseases? Their droppings are not only harmful to you; they are destructive to metal, concrete, and other surfaces. Fix your problem today--before it costs you too much money to repair tomorrow.

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