Remediation Services

If you have bats in the attic of your home or building, then you might have quite a bit of guano (their droppings) depending how long they have been there and the size of the colony. Bat guano in the attic has a unique strong odor smell. It is known to cause histoplasmosis (a lung disease). This is caused by inhaling fungi spores which is carried in bat droppings. Guano and urine will contaminate the insulation reducing the R-value and creating a hazardous situation. The guano and urine can cause the wood and drywall to deteriorate. In some cases, it can rot out the ceiling and fall into the interior of the home or building.


Once the bats are excluded from your attic, the clean up process can begin. The best way to remove contaminated insulation caused by bats or any wildlife for that matter is through a HEPA vacuum. Any of the contaminated insulation needs to be removed and the droppings need to be vacuumed up.

One of the most important steps to completely restore your attic is the decontamination process. We use a anti-microbial solution and spray down the whole area that was contaminated. We also spray an odor eliminator when we are finished with the decontamination process.

After the contaminated insulation is removed and it is sanitized, we then replace the area with insulation.