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If you are in the Sacramento and surrounding areas within 40 miles, we can trap and remove the pigeons from your property. Call us today to set up an appointment to remove those pigeons.

Pigeon Trapping Services

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Pigeon Removal Services

Pigeon Trapping in SacramentoMaster Pest Control specializes in pigeon trapping. We have been using this method for commercial and Industrial locations for years. Many times, it is the best solution for ridding the site from those pigeons. While exclusion methods such as spikes, netting, shock track, and others can be effective in certain circumstances, trapping rids the area of the solution usually for much less of an expense and is more effective. Oftentimes, while pigeon control could be used for one building, the pigeons will just move to another building or if you pigeon proof part of a building, the pigeons will just move to the other part of the building. It can be very tricky with pigeons because every flock is a little different. Some are more stubborn than others. Spikes are good for ledges and narrow areas that prevent them from landing.

Pigeons Trapped

A day’s worth of captured pigeons.

Netting works to keep them out of areas they harbor under like alcoves and eaves. However, while many times in commercial locations such as plazas, hospitals, and shopping centers, exclusion services do minimize pigeon droppings from certain areas, the pigeons just move to another part that is impossible to exclude.

Whenever there is a flock of pigeons, the only true effective way to remove them is by pigeon trapping. We have been doing pigeon trapping in Sacramento for the past 15 years with success in waste management facilities, power plants, hospitals, apartments, gas stations, warehouses, etc.

Pigeon Control Needs

This situation, exclusion by itself will most likely fail.

In most cases residential homes can be treated without trapping since usually the flock is very small. However, there have been a few ocasions where there were at least 30 pigeons roosting on the home and exclusion treatments were definitely not enough to stop the stubborn pigeons from roosting on other parts of the roof.

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