Building Inspection
Inspection of Structure for Bat Activity

A thorough inspection of the building is done to ascertain how many areas and specifically where the bat activity is occurring. The home owner usually has seen the most obvious places where the bats are entering, but it takes an expert to point out the other areas. We look for signs such as grease marks, urine stains, guano (droppings). Oftentimes, if the hole that they are entering is large enough, there will be very little signs of entry. However, there will almost always be a strong odor coming from the hole. Bats only need a 1/4 inch of space by 3 inches to enter a structure. Most homes have many gaps where bats make their entrance. Typical places where they enter are at the place where the siding intersects with the eaves, under gutters, at joints, alcoves, lights, roof jacks, chimneys, and expansion joints.